May 28, 2015

Moose's Memorial Day Weekend

I would call this just Memorial Day Weekend, or our Memorial Day Weekend, but judging from my camera roll, it was all about the Moose.

Though rain threatened every day, we still found plenty of time to life-jacket up and get some time out on the water.

It's always a process getting ready to go out - with so many family members and now little kids. Kids who LOVE sunscreen, which is a good problem!

Luckily Moose is patient.

I hear a lot about Pomeranians being annoying little yippy dogs, but not this one. Moose is a lake dog through and through. 

The weekend wasn't all about the dog - our Nieces enjoyed the lake too! 

How sweet is this picture - I love the reflection of E in my SIL's sunglasses.

Moose took over again at this point - just a quick dip!

In and out he goes! 

Then it was back to some dual-driving, and lots of horn honking underneath bridges.

All of us with the wind in our hair!

Then it was Baby E's turn - she just turned one and started walking! 

Not on the boat, obviously. 

Always ending with the two Captains of our Ship.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was memorable as well - and though I'm late per usual, always a huge gratitude to the men and women who have lost their lives defending this great country. 

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