October 31, 2013

Happiest of Halloweens!

I know it's nearing the end of the day, but I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. For some reason, it's right around this time that the weather down here finally starts to feel like fall. Today did not disappoint! What started out as a rainy, gloomy day turned into a cool overcast evening with just enough breeze to blow the newly colored leaves down the street. I hope the kiddos appreciated the perfect weather for trick or treating!

In years past, Alex and I have always tried to have a big Halloween party. It's been the perfect opportunity to decorate the house in spooky cobwebs, dress up and invite friends over to enjoy the festivities. I think Alex appreciated being able to bust out his old DJ lights and crank up the stereo too!

Unfortunately, things were just too hectic this year to be able to plan something in time. It was a nice break but I bet next year we have our party hats on again!

If you are partnered up, do you go with a couples costume? I always like to! Here is what we came up with last year (thanks Pinterest!):

Deer in headlights, get it? This was an easy outfit to put together, once we had a game plan.

For me, I bought a bronzy-black dress from Forever21 (in my head it resembled a road, so...), some white duct tape and two tap-it lights from a hardware story (by the way..if you decide to go this route and need to find the lights, go ahead and tell the hardware store employees what they're for, they'll get a kick out of it!) and a printed Deer Crossing sign that we duct-taped to a paint stirrer we had in the garage. Easy peasy. Oh, and double sided Velcro to uhm..attach your headlights.

For him, just dark brown pants, a brown t-shirt and some kind of faux fur that we picked up at Hobby Lobby. And for the antlers (because, last minute..couldn't find them anywhere!) we did the pipe cleaners to make the shape, and wrapped bigger pipe cleaners around that frame, so to speak. Not too bad I don't think!

I didn't even think we would dress up this year since we were just going to lounge at home and pass out candy, but we sort of forgot about Alex's work costume contest and so true to form, last minute we were running around the house putting something together. Luckily, we have a back-up plan.

Waldo! And if you are curious, that is indeed my rolled up yoga mat, a small skillet, and the handle to the reeeaaally old broom from our garage. But hey! He finished second, so I guess we pulled through! (Also, ask me about the time that Alex ended up walking in with the entire Razorback team because of this costume! It works wonders!)

Moose can't be left out, of course. My mom crocheted this dapper ensemble a few years ago when we originally were the Waldo's. Surprisingly, the hat stayed on the majority of the night but the sweater somehow kept getting stuck on things in the yard. Weird.

I think I'm channeling more Harry Potter than Wenda with the glasses but that's okay!

So beyond the late night trick or treaters (seriously, 9:30 and the light's off - isn't a turned off porch light the universal indicator that the shop is closed?), our 2013 Halloween was definitely a victory! I hope yours was as well!


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