September 11, 2013

Go Hogs Go!

Work has been insanely busy lately which is good for business but not so great for start up blogging.

So here's just a quick recap of what's been going on lately.

Really...only one major thing has been going on lately. And that thing is Razorback football season.

You see, we have no pro teams in Arkansas. For any type of sport. And while Arkansas has several great Universities, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks are easily the most known and most supported in this area. (exceptions, always of course.) 

The Razorbacks also have a tradition - two games in Little Rock every season. Which is great for those alumni and fans who are transplanted from the heart that is Fayetteville, like us! Unfortunately there are rumors that 2015 will be the last season that Games are hosted in Little Rock so we have to take advantage of this while we can.

Theres just something that can't beat about heading to set up a tailgate at 9am for a 6pm game. Sitting in 100 degree heat with only friends and cold beer to distract you. And then cramming into a stadium to watch your favorite spots team in the whole wide world win a victory.

The season is young but that doesn't matter to the true die hard fans. Though I wouldn't cry over a little cooler weather (there are cuter outfits to be had!).

So what about you? Any college or pro tailgating stories?

PS: if you haven't had the privilege to witness or call the Hogs for yourself, I truly apologize. It's worth a google.

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