July 29, 2015

New Orleans - Last Adventures

Saturday came and we were still rallying. Brunch helps!

We headed to Cochon Restaurant.

Where we started off with cocktails and apps to share, naturally.

Despite it being July and a no-no, I think we had oysters at every meal. These were my absolute favorite.

I've had dreams about these oysters I swear. 

Everything was delicious though. We spent the entire time passing plates back and forth. 

After the plates cleared and our energy levels were back up, we ventured for a little more sightseeing.

Isn't she pretty?

Then headed to the Cigar Factory.

This is also where we had the pleasure of meeting Welmon Sharlhorne.

Though we didn't know it at first glance!

Welmon Sharlhorne is a Smithsonian artist who spent more than half his life in prison, which is where he first began his unique drawings. After Mr. Sharlhorne woke up, he invited us over to take a look at his newest work.

All of his drawings feature a clock somewhere in the design. Can you see where this one is? 

EH surprised me by purchasing this particular drawing! I am over the moon. 

After our art purchase, we tried out the first of our cigars and did more walking. 

Then it was time to clean up a little and head to the reason we were in New Orleans in the first place - for a wedding!

They had their own artist who painted the reception live - how cool is that?

But mine was still my favorite! :)

That about wraps it up (298 pictures later) but my first trip to New Orleans was definitely a success. I cannot wait to go back!

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